How To Create A SiteGround Account For WordPress

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SiteGround is a hosting provider that allows you to have a self-hosted WordPress website. It’s the one that I use for my blog.

SiteGround offers free email accounts, SSL certificates, free CDN, automatic daily backups, SPAM protection, 24/7 support (I’ve used the live chat a couple of times, and the customer service is 10/10), and more.

If you’re wondering how you can create a SiteGround account to host your website on WordPress, then you’re in the right place.

In this blog post, I’ll show you how easy it’s to register on SiteGround to start your blog on WordPress.

Grab your cup of your favorite beverage (I have my cup of coffee here ☕), and let’s start.

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Choose a hosting plan on SiteGround

Go to SiteGround and click on “view plans”.

Screenshot of clicking on view plans on the SiteGround website.

Scroll down to choose a hosting plan.

SiteGround monthly and yearly plans

There are three hosting plans available on SiteGround, and they are all available to pay monthly or yearly. The difference is that if you pay yearly, you can get a discount during your first year (there are plans available for two years with a discount too).

(Disclaimer: SiteGround may change their discounts from time to time, so take a look at their prices before purchasing.)

Screenshot of selecting a hosting plan on SiteGround.

StartUp Plan

You can save up to 80% when you pay yearly during the first year, which means that you’ll pay $2.99 instead of $14.99 per month (excluding VAT).

You can host one website on this plan, with 10 GB web space and 10K monthly visits.

GrowBig Plan

You can save up to 80% when you pay yearly during the first year, which means that you’ll pay $4.99 instead of $24.99 per month (excluding VAT).

You can host unlimited websites on this plan, with 20 GB web space and 100K monthly visits.

This is the plan that I use to host my website, and my upcoming websites. I’m in the planning phase of creating two other websites, one for my fiction writing (do you like urban fantasy?), and one focused on business to consumer.

GoGeek Plan

You can save up to 80% when you pay yearly during the first year, which means that you’ll pay $7.99 instead of $39.99 per month (excluding VAT).

You can host unlimited websites on this plan, with 40 GB web space and 400K monthly visits.

Choose a domain name on SiteGround

Once you click on “Get plan”, it’s time to choose a domain name.

If you don’t have a domain name yet, when you choose a hosting plan on SiteGround, the first year for your domain name is free. After that, the renewal is $19.99.

If you don’t want to pay that amount for your domain name per year, you can get a domain name for less on Namecheap, where there are always promotions available.


SiteGround doesn’t give you domain privacy for free with their free domain name offer, which means that you’ll have to pay for it as an extra service to protect your personal information in the Whois database.

This means that if anyone searches the public Whois database, if you don’t have domain privacy, they’ll be able to access your personal information that you entered when you registered your domain name.

But Namecheap offers domain privacy for free with most domain names (it depends on the domain extension due to registry restrictions, but if you choose a “.com” extension, then you can get domain privacy for free).

This blog post from Namecheap explains what is domain privacy, and which domain extensions are not allowed to be protected by domain privacy. So if you’re in doubt about which extension you should choose, give it a read.

Personally, I use:

  • SiteGround for hosting my website.
  • Namecheap to manage my domain name (they offer free domain privacy; on SiteGround you have to pay separately for this).
  • Google Workspace for my business email (even though I could have a free email from SiteGround).

I prefer to keep all these services separately, but that’s just my opinion. So choose what you think is better for your business.

If you want to register your domain name on SiteGround, after you choose a hosting plan, click on “Register a new domain” and type the name of the domain that you want, to check if it’s available.

Screenshot of registering a new domain on SiteGround.

You can also click on “.com” and choose a different domain extension, like “.net”, “.org”, “.biz”, “.info”, or “.blog”, instead of “.com”, but please make your domain name easy to type and remember.

Screenshot of choosing a domain extension on SiteGround.

If you have a domain name, click on “I already have a domain”, and type it in the box.

Screenshot of selecting that you already have a domain.

Then click on “Proceed”.

Enter your account information on SiteGround

Fill the “Account Information” section with an email and password, and the “Client Information” section with your personal information.

Screenshot of entering your account information.

Enter your payment and purchase information on SiteGround

In the Payment Information section, you should enter your credit card information.

Next, in the “Purchase Information” section, you can select a Data Center (I have USA selected).

After that, you have to choose the plan details (monthly, 12 months, or 24 months). There are no discounts on the monthly plan, and different discounts depending if you choose 12 months or 24 months.

Screenshot of entering your purchase information.

Please note: If you choose a hosting plan with a discount, once you have to renew the plan, SiteGround will charge the price of the plan without a discount. (This is something that happens with many hosting companies).

There is an “Extra Services” section where you can select “Domain Privacy” and “Site Scanner” (a security plugin from SiteGround that I use on my website) at a discounted price during the first year.

Remember: If you’re getting a free domain name for a year on SiteGround, domain privacy is not included. I recommend that you get it.

Once you’re done entering your information, click on “Pay now”.

That’s it! You will get an email from SiteGround with information to login to your account, and instructions to create your new website.

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I hope you found this SiteGround tutorial helpful!

Cheers to creating your new website! 😊

With all my love,


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