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There are two ways to get a discount on your Flodesk subscription during the first year

1 – Click the button below to start a free trial

You will be taken to a page in Flodesk to start a free trial with my affiliate invitation and a 50% discount. You don’t need to enter your credit card information to start the trial period.

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Before you confirm your monthly subscription to Flodesk, there’s an option to add a coupon code. Click on the button “Got a code” and write my affiliate code SOULFULGIRLS. This will give you 50% off during the first year of your subscription.

Flodesk bonus

If you purchase a Flodesk subscription with my affiliate link or my discount code SOULFULGIRLS, I’ll give you one of my media kit and rate card templates of your choice (there are three different styles: Dreamy, Boho, and Editorial). Value: $19

To claim this bonus, you’ll have to send me a screenshot of your purchase to hi@soulfulgirls.com and tell me which media kit you want. I’ll give you a 100% coupon code to get that media kit for free.

This isn’t valid for free trials. You have to purchase a Flodesk subscription to qualify for this bonus.

Flodesk bonus. Canva media kit and rate card template. Get one of my media kits for free.

How much is Flodesk monthly?

Giselle is drinking coffee and looking out the window, with the afternoon sunlight filtering through the window's curtains.

Flodesk is $38 per month for Email or Checkout plans, or $64 monthly for the Everything plan (which includes email + checkout).

With the Email plan, you get unlimited subscribers, emails, forms, beautiful landing pages, workflows, and segments in your subscription plan. You won’t be paying more for growing your list!

With the Checkout plan, you get 0 platform fees, unlimited sales pages, checkout pages, upsells, transactions, and instant deliveries. You won’t pay more for having more sales or products.

With the Everything plan, you gain access to all the features in the Email and Checkout plans.

And if you use my Flodesk promo code SOULFULGIRLS, you will get 50% off in your first year, no matter which Flodesk plan you choose.

Can Flodesk do landing pages?

Yes! There are many full landing page templates in Flodesk, with or without images. You don’t even need to create a landing page on your website.

(But if you can build it on your website, in my opinion, it will be better in the long run for SEO.)

Take a look at some of the landing page templates in Flodesk:

Example of a full landing page template in Flodesk, with the photo of a woman, a title, body text, and a subscription form.
Another example of a full landing page template in Flodesk, with the photo of a woman, a title, body text, and a subscription form.

Can you automate emails in Flodesk?

Yes! You can create workflows connected to different segments.

This means that when someone joins your email list via a form on your website, or a full landing page on Flodesk, this action can trigger a workflow with an email sending your freebie, and a welcome sequence.

And when your new subscribers finish your welcome sequence, you can move them to your regular newsletter. All automated within your workflow!

There are workflow templates within Flodesk, or you can start one from scratch. Your choice.

Example of welcome and nurture sequence templates available in Flodesk.

So what’s the Flodesk discount code again?

If you’re already in the trial period in Flodesk, use my affiliate coupon code SOULFULGIRLS before you start paying your subscription, or start a free trial with my affiliate link invitation.

This will give you 50% off during the first year of your Flodesk subscription.

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