Image Usage License

Updated: March 10, 2023.

1. Copyright

Giselle Rondoletti remains the sole, exclusive owner and holder of the copyright of all the images offered on this website.

2. License

This image usage license applies to all of our free and paid images.

When you download our free images or purchase our paid images, we grant you a non-exclusive limited use license for personal, business (one business), or editorial purposes, within the limits stated in this license.

If you have any questions about this license, please send an email to with the title “Image license question”, so that we will identify it easily and answer you on business hours (Monday – Friday 1 pm – 5 pm, Buenos Aires time.)

Contact us.

3. What you are allowed to do

You may resize, crop, and change the orientation of the images. You may add an overlay with your product graphics, color, or text over the images, but you may not edit or manipulate the images in any other way.

Credit/ attribution is not required, but always appreciated.

You may use our images on your website, blog, social media accounts, schedulers, newsletters, digital product mockups, website demos, online workshops, and webinars, within the limits of this license.

You may use our images in free guides, ebooks, checklists, and workbooks (as long as the images cannot be extracted from them, and the images are not the main part of the content), and content in digital courses, within the limits of this license.

You may use our images in online promotional materials for your business.

4. What you are not allowed to do

  1. You may not claim any of our images as your own.
  2. You may not sell, license, or sub-license any of our images.
  3. You may not share our images with a third party in any way.
  4. You may not offer a direct download to our images. Any link to download our free images or purchase our paid images should direct to our website.
  5. You may not use our images in logos or trademarks.
  6. You may not use our images for advertising, on billboards, or in any derivative products, free gifts, or projects, such as, but not limited to, mugs, prints, t-shirts, calendars, book covers, and phone cases. If you would like to use our images in products for sale, or in templates, contact us to purchase a commercial license with special usage terms for your particular case.
  7. You may not use our images in client projects. This benefits you and your client, because it is easier to keep a record of the license. In this case, you can join our affiliate program and ask your client to purchase the images with your clearly disclosed affiliate link, so that they own the license.
  8. You may not offer our images as assets or downloads in any product, template, course, membership, giveaway, or free resources.
  9. You may not use our images in any unlawful, pornographic, defamatory, or discriminatory way.
  10. You may not use our images to promote and create content for other photography websites, or anything related to photography styling courses or styling tutorials, no matter if they are delivered online, in a printed format, or in a live event.

5. Download Limits

You are allowed to download our stock photo bundles a maximum of 3 (three) times, for 60 (sixty) days since the day of purchase.

If any of these conditions are fulfilled, your download link will expire.

It is your responsibility to store the file securely after you downloaded it.

If you have any problems accessing your download, contact us and we will find a solution for you.

6. No refunds

Due to the nature of digital products that cannot be returned, we do not offer any partial refund, full refund, or exchange for other digital products, subscriptions, memberships, or services.

You can read more about our Refund Policy here.

In Other Words

Have you ever read The Wheel Of Time, by Robert Jordan? It’s one of my favorite epic fantasy stories ever.

In the series, some characters have the power of sleepwalking, or dreamwalking. (I have written some scenes for an upcoming fantasy story where some of the characters have this power too. What can I say? I’m a fan of strange dreams. And this story was born from a dream too, so it makes sense.)

Anyway, the point is that imagine this case scenario:

Without meaning to, you break some of the Terms of this license. But you don’t realize it until you start dreaming.

In your dream, you find a kitten with little wings first. It brings you a little piece of paper in one of its paws with the message: “Please respect my work.” The kitten is so cute that you don’t want to hurt its little heart.


So you tell yourself to rewind course and stop using the images incorrectly.

But then you forget, in the way that we forget dreams when we wake up.

And you see the kitten again.

And you rewind the course again.

And then you forget again.

One night, you go to sleep again. You see a little paw entering your kitchen and you remember the kitten. So you smile to yourself and say: “Here, kitty, kitty.”

But then you realize that the kitten is not alone. This time, it brings an army of cute angel kittens with a message in each paw. Because they don’t want you to forget anymore.


And you don’t want to hurt the hearts of so many angel kittens.

So this time you remember.

🐾🐱 And every time you think about the kittens, they remind you of how important it is to respect the work of all the creative hearts in this world. 🐾🐱