Best Free Blogging Courses And Resources For Your Creative Business In 2023

Psst! This page contains affiliate links, which means that I may earn a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. By doing so, you’re helping me pay my biz bills (and to drink coffee; lots of coffee, & to keep buying design books and art supplies, which I love). Learn more in my Affiliate Disclosure.

If you’re just starting a blog, and you want to make money blogging or with affiliate marketing, or if you want to grow your business, you will find free blogging courses and resources for you in this blog post.

I’ve included resources from different bloggers. In some cases, you will find similar trainings, but offered by different entrepreneurs. The reason why I included both offers is because we all learn better from different people, so choose the one that you feel is more suited for you.

This blog post is divided into two sections: in the first one, all the blogging courses and resources are offered for FREE.

In the second section, I listed paid resources, trainings, and courses to start, monetize, and grow your blog.

BONUS: After the second section, you will find a BONUS section with my minimal design and website tech setup, so that you know what I’m currently using to run my online business.

Hope this is useful for you!

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Free courses and resources for bloggers

Free styled stock photography bundle

I have a free stock photo bundle with 15 feminine and pretty images that you can use on your website, blog, social media, and email marketing. Let’s make your website look beautiful and professional!

Free courses and resources to grow your email list

A beginner’s guide to ConvertKit

In this free mini course about ConvertKit, Elizabeth Goddard teaches you:

  • How to create forms in ConvertKit, to allow people to sign up to your list.
  • How to set up your welcome sequence.
  • How to tag your email list, so that you will send them content that they are interested in.
  • How to create automation rules, so that you receive money in your business.
  • How to send your newsletter, so that you don’t accidentally ghost your audience. 🤣😅
  • How to modify your account settings from the beginning.

Don’t forget to start building your email list for free with ConvertKit today (yep, there’s a free plan).

Or you can try the features of one of their paid plans (like sequences and automations) for free for 14 days.

Your choice.

You can also sell your products, subscriptions, paid newsletters, and create a tip jar, all in one place, with any plan. 

Supercharge your email open rates

In this free mini course about email open rates, Elizabeth Goddard teaches you how to get your audience to actually read your emails.

Welcome sequence template for your email list

Get your welcome sequence ready to go with this free welcome sequence template from Elizabeth Goddard, so that you will captivate your audience from day one. 😊

5 email marketing ‘rules’ to break

In this free training about email marketing from Elizabeth Goddard, you will learn:

  • What’s the perfect ratio between value and sales emails.
  • How to get people to thank you for the emails that you send.
  • How to segment your list easily.
  • Why not sending emails consistently is your secret weapon. (This is so me! Give me a schedule, and I’ll unconsciously burn it.) 😹
  • How to send pretty emails without lowering your deliverability rates. (I send beautiful emails with images with Flodesk, and I have a deliverability rate of 98-99%.)

Tired of the emails that look like they were designed in the 80s? Me too.

That’s why I use Flodesk to design and send my emails. They look so beautiful and they’re so easy to create in minutes.

You can try Flodesk for free for 30 days. And if you join Flodesk with my affiliate link or with the coupon code SOULFULGIRLS, you get 50% off in your monthly or yearly subscription during your first year. 🥳💝

Psst! There’s a new option to sell your products in Flodesk too! Email + selling, all in one place. And you can get it for 50% off during your first year too.

Free resources to grow your Instagram account

Free Canva Instagram post template

In this free Instagram post template, you will find 10 different templates to create a pretty and well designed Instagram feed. All you have to do is to write your content, because I’ve done the design part for you. 😊

Don’t forget to grab the complementary Instagram story template below!

Free Canva Instagram story template

In this free Instagram story template, you will find 10 different templates to create beautiful Instagram stories that don’t look like everyone else’s stories. All you have to do is to write your content.

Don’t forget to grab the complementary Instagram post template above!

Free communities to help you grow your blog

The Blog It Better Society

In this free online community for bloggers and entrepreneurs, by Margaret Bourne, you will be able to connect with fellow bloggers, participate in daily threads, find networking and collaboration opportunities, promote on designated threads, and request for support.

Free resources to create your online course

Free Canva workbook template

In this free course workbook template you will find 10 beautifully designed pages for your online course workbook. All you need to do is to add your content, because I’ve done the design work for you. 😊

Available in US Letter and A4 size.

Free Canva course webinar slides

In the free Canva course webinar slide deck template you will get 20 well designed slides for your online course, webinar, masterclass, or online workshop. No more worries about designing your slides, you only need to add your course content!

Available in 1920 x 1080 px.

Free courses and resources to earn money with your blog and online business

5 day blogging bootcamp

In this free blogging bootcamp by Dale from Blogging Her Way, you will learn:

  • Day 1: How to set up web hosting for WordPress and a domain name easily.
  • Day 2: How to choose a name for your blog, as well as a niche.
  • Day 3: How to choose a WordPress theme for your website, and how to install it.
  • Day 4: How to write blog posts, and grow your audience.
  • Day 5: How to start making money blogging, even if you’re just starting.

How to create and sell something before you’re ready

In this free training about selling before you’re ready, from Elizabeth Goddard, you will learn:

  • Why you’re leaving money on the table when you don’t create and sell those ideas that have been in your head forever. (Free up your brain space, so that more ideas will come!)
  • How to create an offer that aligns with your personality and what you’re good at.
  • Why you should pre-sell first.
  • How to eliminate months of procrastination.
  • Should you start with beta pricing or full price? (This is kind of like a “to be or not to be” situation in the online business world.) 😅
  • How to underpromise and overdeliver, so that your clients will ask you for more! 😉

First month blog plan

In this free checklist about your first blog plan, by Dale from Blogging Her Way, you will get a list with 30 simple action items that you can do every day during your first month in the blogging world.

6 things to sell when you can’t be bothered to create something new

In this free guide from Elizabeth Goddard, you will find fresh ideas for selling without having to create another thing from scratch.

150 blog niche ideas

In this free list by Dale from Blogging Her Way, you will get 150+ profitable blog niche ideas, so if you’re just starting, you can decide what to blog about.

The magical high-value, low-effort 1:1 offer

In this free training from Elizabeth Goddard, you’ll learn a new type of 1:1 offer that provides massive value for your clients and gives you money at the same time, without losing your energy and/or being on the phone way too much time.

Successful (& sustainable) memberships without a team

In this free training about memberships, Elizabeth Goddard talks about:

  • Her experience running a membership for almost three years.
  • Tips and tricks to manage a membership with 350+ members without a team and without spending much energy.
  • What surprised her about memberships.
  • What made her membership quadruple in four months.

Curious about all the freebies, workshops, and courses that Elizabeth Goddard offers?

Then take a look at her Everything Page. Honestly, she has a lot of things.

I’ve taken some of her trainings, like the Online Business Playground, the Anti-Planning Workshop, and Credit To Your Business (there are links to the courses in the paid resources section of this blog post), and they’re really good.

I’ve used her Credit To Your Business mini course to create a voucher system for my business, called Gigi Cash, and it’s one of the best things that I’ve tried in my business so far.

Free courses and resources to grow your blog traffic with Pinterest

Pinterest Primer

In this free course about Pinterest marketing by Moms Make Cents, you will learn:

  • How to create an optimized business profile in Pinterest.
  • Secret strategies for creating viral pins.
  • How to be present on Pinterest, while dedicating only one hour of your week to set up everything.
  • Pinterest myths you should ignore and which ones you should pay attention to.
  • Most common Pinterest mistakes that bloggers make.

Free Canva Pinterest pin template

In the free Canva Pinterest template you will get 7 pin templates to share your blog posts, videos, podcast episodes, testimonials, and moodboards. Get your Pinterest marketing to the next level with these well designed pins.

Available in 1000 x 1500 px.

Free courses and resources to earn money with affiliate marketing

250 profitable affiliate programs for bloggers

In this free masterlist by Dale from Blogging Her Way, you will get a list of 250+ affiliate programs that you can join to start earning affiliate income with your blog.

Video: Affiliate marketing mindset shift

This video about changing your affiliate marketing mindset, by Elizabeth Goddard, is actually part of her paid course about affiliate marketing, and you can watch it for free! No sign up required.

Free courses and resources to design your website

Dream website roadmap

In this free roadmap from Bluchic, you will learn:

  • What steps you should take to build your website, and checklists to take note of your progress.
  • How to create a style guide for your website, so that you can create a consistent brand image.
  • Which pages are important for your website, and what to include on each one of those pages, so that you can convert your audience into clients.
  • How to create your website with WordPress by yourself, without worrying about your tech skills.

Free resource library for WordPress websites

In this free resource library from Bluchic, you will get:

  • A checklist to choose the right WordPress theme for your website.
  • A checklist to switch your theme safely on WordPress.
  • Weekly, monthly, and quarterly tasks to keep your website updated.
  • Do’s and don’ts checklist to create a high converting landing page, so that you will turn visitors into subscribers.

There are also 20+ more useful resources for creating your website with WordPress inside the library, but you will have to sign up to reveal them. 😜😎 (Nope, sorry, I’m not telling you). 🤐

4 steps to an irresistible and profitable website

In this free masterclass from Station Seven, you will learn:

  • The top 3 mistakes that everybody makes when it comes to building their website, and why this could be costing you money.
  • Station Seven’s four step framework for creating a website that converts, so that you will attract subscribers and customers.
  • How getting strategic with their business allowed them to get noticed online and generate income from their website.

Station Seven focuses on Squarespace, so if you’re planning to build or relaunch your website on this platform, this training may be for you.

Paid courses and resources for bloggers

Paid courses and resources to earn money with affiliate marketing

The lazy guide to affiliate marketing

In this paid online course from Elizabeth Goddard, you will learn:

  • How to earn money with affiliate marketing each month, without using any slimy or gross marketing tactics that make your skin itch, and without burning out because you have a gazillion more tasks to do.
  • What affiliate marketing can do for your business, what it is, and what kind of affiliate programs are available.
  • How to decide which affiliate programs to sign up for, the legal side of affiliate links, and Lizzy’s lazy tools to make things easier for you.
  • 9 simple strategies for implementing affiliate marketing that require minimal effort to set up, and that will generate sales.
  • How to participate in bigger affiliate launches, like those that have leaderboards.
  • 13 mini-challenges to get more results, which will require more effort. But they are set up in the easiest possible way to implement.
  • + two more bonuses that are pure gold.

I’ve had access to some of the lessons from this course for being an affiliate (in a course for Lizzy’s affiliates) and they’re pretty good. I’ve implemented some of them in my business in a truly set-it-and-forget-it style, and they work. 😉

Get paid to pin ebook

In this paid ebook about affiliate marketing on Pinterest by Dale from Blogging Her Way, you will learn:

  • The basics of affiliate marketing and how to have success with it.
  • How to set up your Pinterest account for passive income, and Pinterest SEO strategies, so that people will find you on Pinterest.
  • Dale’s pinning strategy that brings her passive income every day, and how to replicate her strategy.
  • Updated information about Pinterest changes.
  • BONUS: A list of 250+ high-paying affiliate programs, so that you can decide which ones you want to join to bring affiliate income.

I have an old Pinterest account that I created with the purpose of sharing affiliate links, that I haven’t touched in a while. Yet, to this day, I get random notifications about people signing up to different programs with my affiliate links (I disclose the affiliate links in the description of the pins).

That’s because I implemented some of the strategies in this ebook a while ago.

Paid courses and resources to earn money with your blog and online business

Grow your blog to 1K

In this paid ebook by Angela from Stray Curls, you will learn about Angela’s strategies that she implemented in her new blogs in different niches, that she started in 2022, and that are generating income right now.

If you have a new niche blog or an old one that’s not generating much traffic or income, you can learn how to earn 1K a month with this illustrated ebook, without using social media, and with organic traffic from Google.

Credit to your business

In this paid mini course from Elizabeth Goddard, you will learn how to create your own currency for your online business… for only $ 9 (!!!). This is the course that I’ve used to set up my own voucher for my online shop, called “Gigi Cash”, which I sell as a limited time offer to those who are on my email list only. 😎

30 days to blogging success course

In this paid blogging course by Dale from Blogging Her Way, you will learn:

  • How to start and grow a blog that will bring you income, with no tech skills required.
  • How to choose a niche for your blog.
  • How to install a WordPress theme and plugins.
  • How to set up Google Analytics.
  • How to create your Pinterest account.
  • How to do keyword research and write your first blog post.
  • Different monetization strategies for your blog.
  • How to create images for Pinterest.
  • How to apply to affiliate programs.
  • How to start an email list.
  • How to create an opt in, so that people will sign up to your email list.
  • How to write your welcome email.
  • How to grow your email list.
  • Guest posting and backlink strategies.
  • Social media for bloggers.

All the steps are divided into 30 lessons, so that you will be able to implement them in the easiest way possible.

You will also get these BONUSES:

  • BONUS 1: 150+ Profitable Blog Niche Ideas.
  • BONUS 2: Canva Pinterest Templates.
  • BONUS 3: Master list of 250+ Affiliate Programs for Bloggers.
  • BONUS 4: Email Sales Template.
  • BONUS 5: 100+ Catchy Blog Post Title Templates.

Important: This course teaches you how to set up your blog specifically in WordPress. If you want to create your blog on another platform, this may not be for you.

That Black Friday feeling

In this paid training about Black Friday by Elisabeth Goddard, you will learn how to map out your Black Friday offer, including planning your Black Friday dates, 8 types of Black Friday offers that you can create, pro tips from Lizzy to get more sales (also affiliate sales), and more… all for $9 (yes, really!)

(Psst! This training is also offered as a bonus in the flash sales course named below.)

Make a flash for it

In this paid course about flash sales by Elisabeth Goddard, you will learn her simple process for running profitable flash sales, product ideas, behind the scenes of her flash sales, her strategy, and the emails that she sends to her audience.

BONUS: If you get this course, you’ll get the training “That Black Friday Feeling” named above for free. 😉

Creative workbook for creatives

In this paid ebook for creatives by Angela from Stray Curls, you will learn how to overcome the most common creative blocks, and the essentials to start an online business from your home, doing what you love.

The ebook is full of beautiful illustrations created by Angela, so that you can learn by having fun.

Niche Selection Secrets

In this paid ebook about selecting a niche by Dale from Blogging Her Way, you will learn how to choose a profitable niche for your blog. If you’re starting your first blog, or if you’re starting a second blog, but you’re still not sure about how to choose a niche that will be profitable, this ebook is for you.

You will also get the following bonuses:

  • 12 Disaster-Proof Niches.
  • 250+ Affiliate Programs for Bloggers by Niche.
  • 150 Blog Niche Ideas.

Small but mighty 9 offers

In this $9 mini training about small offers by Elizabeth Goddard, you will learn the origins of her $9 offers, the benefits of having them, what makes them great, and more. (I’ll be using this one to create my own mini course soon).

Amazon Affiliate Affluence

In this paid ebook about affiliate sales on Amazon by Dale from Blogging Her Way, you will learn everything you need to know to make money on Amazon, even if your blog is small.

Dale will teach you how to get approved as an Amazon affiliate, what type of blog posts you should write to attract more readers ready to buy, advanced content and linking strategies, and more.

Want to sell your digital products easily? Try SendOwl for free

I used Sendowl for the first two years to sell all my digital products, and it made my life so easy! I could literally create and upload a digital product in Sendowl in 5 minutes.

You can have an affiliate program, 1-click upsells, cart abandonment, subscriptions, multi-currency, drip content, promo codes, pay what you want, and more.

You can read my comparison between SendOwl’s Starter plan (free for the first three months) and their other plans in this blog post.

Or you can start selling right away by clicking the button below.

Online business playground

In this paid training about online business by Elizabeth Goddard, you will learn how to bring fun, freedom, and flow to your business.

During 30 days, you get access to one daily video with strategies, exercises, and prompts, to help you run your business the way you want to.

Take a look at the program page, and you will see the videos from days 1 and 2, to get an idea of what you get inside the training. The video from day 1 made me think about where my ideas come from (for the record: when I’m leisurely walking, drinking coffee at a coffee shop, listening to music, and sometimes in the shower). 🚶🏻‍♀️☕🚿

The tripwire training

In this paid training about tripwires by Elizabeth Goddard, you will learn:

  • How tripwires work, and when you should use them in your business.
  • How to decide what to offer, and how to repurpose what you already have and turn it into your tripwire offer.
  • What kind of products you can create quickly and without burning out.
  • How to price your offer, so that your subscribers won’t overthink saying yes.
  • What elements should be included in your tripwire page.
  • High-converting tripwire offers for your inspiration.
  • How to test your tripwire offer, to get a better conversion rate.

Create a shop to sell your digital products for free with Payhip

This is the platform that I’m currently using to sell my digital products, and I’m pleased with the functionality and the look of it.

You can create your own shop with an affiliate program, coupon codes, and upsells for free, and customize it to look similar to your website.

If you don’t have a website yet, you can purchase a domain, connect it with Payhip, and start selling your products and services for free today. You can also sell online courses and memberships.

If you collect payments with Stripe and/or PayPal, you can start with the free plan, with a 5% commission for every sale that you make (plus the usual fees from Stripe or PayPal).

You can also use my Payhip coupon code SOULFULGIRLS10 to get 10% off on all paid plans.

Paid courses and resources to grow your blog traffic with SEO and social media

Blogger SEO and social media guides bundle

In this paid bundle about SEO and Instagram marketing, by Margaret Bourne, you will get 3 ebooks to help you get organic traffic to your website:

  • Optimize it: a beginner’s guide to SEO ebook.
  • Inspired content for bloggers: an Instagram guide and workbook.
  • Grow your Instagram guide and workbook.

The Stray Curls Traffic Bundle

In this paid bundle about getting more traffic to your website and blog by Angela from Stray Curls, you will get:

  • The Secret Sauce To Skyrocketing Your Blog Traffic (ebook).
  • The Ultimate Blogger’s SEO Blueprint (ebook).
  • Grow Your Blog And Make More Sales With Holiday Traffic (ebook, not available separately).

You will also get these bonuses:

  • A workbook that will help you identify your ideal client avatar.
  • A swipe file with email templates to apply for guest blogging.
  • A list with 50 Facebook groups for bloggers of any niche.

Inspired content for bloggers: an Instagram guide and workbook

In this paid ebook about Instagram marketing, by Margaret Bourne, you will learn how to create engaging content on Instagram. You will get:

  • Ideas, prompts, and resources to create Instagram posts easily.
  • A year’s worth of daily post ideas.
  • A year’s worth of special days to celebrate.

Optimize it: a beginner’s guide to SEO for blogs

In this paid ebook about SEO for bloggers, by Margaret Bourne, you will learn:

  • The basics of SEO for blogs, from finding the right keywords to add to your blog posts, to maximizing opportunities to get your posts found on Google and other search engines.
  • Tips for starting to get backlinks.
  • The basics of using Google Search Console.

Pin it better: a blogger’s guide to Pinterest

In this paid course about Pinterest marketing, by Margaret Bourne, you will learn:

  • Pinning strategies that help you build your presence on Pinterest, while generating traffic to your website.
  • How to create attractive pins.
  • How to use Ideas pins to position yourself as an expert in your niche.
  • How to pin in a smart way, with pinning best practices in mind.

Paid courses and resources to design your website

Landing page template (for WordPress)

In this paid template for WordPress by Bluchic, you will get 12 landing pages for your evergreen sales funnel, including:

  • Opt in page (short), to quickly explain what your free resource is about, and get your visitors to sign up.
  • Opt in page (long), to explain more about your free resource, and convert your audience into subscribers. 
  • Free resource library, so that you can showcase all your freebies in one page.
  • Tripwire page, so that you will convert new subscribers into customers.
  • Sales page, to inform your audience about the details of your paid offer and convert them into clients.
  • Webinar registration page, to inform your audience about the topic of the event, and to invite them to sign up.
  • Webinar confirmation page, to let your attendees know that you saved them a seat for the webinar.
  • Webinar replay page, so that your audience will be able to watch the replay, because, you know, #lifehappens and as much as we want to attend a webinar live, it’s not always possible.
  • Waitlist/ offer expired page, so that your audience will sign up to your program’s wait list.
  • Thank you page (3 different pages), to thank your audience for signing up, and your clients for their purchases.

Side note: In order to use these templates, you should install Elementor, and you’ll be ready to go!

With these landing page templates, you will also get three BONUSES:

  • The landing page copy workbook.
  • 10 done-for-you tech mockups graphic templates.
  • The sales funnel builder workbook.

Take a look at the demo pages and decide if this is useful for you. 😍

Want to choose a beautiful template for your WordPress website?

Take a look at all the WordPress themes that Bluchic offers in their shop, and launch a pretty website that will convert your visitors into subscribers and customers.

Want to update (or build) your Squarespace website?

Then take a look at all the pretty Squarespace themes that Station Seven offers in their shop, and attract your dream clients to your website.

If you’re starting a new website and you purchase a theme from Station Seven, you will also get an extended Squarespace 6 months free trial period (it’s usually just 14 days).

Paid courses and resources to choose your tech tools wisely

Crack the tech stack code

In this $ 9 training about choosing your online business tools by Elizabeth Goddard, you will learn how to decide which are the best tech tools for your business (‘cause there are no perfect tools, and you’re wasting time and money trying to find the “perfect” ones).

(I’m sharing my business tools at the end of this blog post, so if you’re curious, give it a read.)

Paid courses and resources to stop procrastinating and be more productive

The anti-planning workshop

In this paid workshop from Elizabeth Goddard, you will learn:

  • The goal-setting mistake that isn’t allowing you to be where you want.
  • One question that will help you figure out your level of planning. (Side note: In my case, if I ever want to get anything done, I should never, ever, write a due date, because that’s when I mess up.) 🙃
  • How to stop worrying about not achieving your income goals because you feel off-track.
  • How to change your mindset to help you reach your annual goals.
  • The problem with setting monthly income goals, and how to change them to take the pressure off.
  • Two questions to help you work on what makes waves in your business.
  • The 3 things (yes, only 3!) you should work on to grow your business. (No more wasting time on things that don’t change anything in your business.)
  • An alternative to planning that you can really manage.
  • 3 anti-planning tools that you can use to help you define where you’re going and what you need to reach your destination.
  • A little-known strategy to achieve constant wins in your business without impossible, unreachable, and you’ll-probably-burn-out plans.

I stopped wearing watches when I was 20ish (20, 21, I think, or 20+ years ago), so I got this training. For my no-due-date brain, this is perfect. I feel understood. And I still get things done that move the needle in my business, at my pace, without burning out. #nohustle

(Psst! If you ever had 4 or more watches break in front of your eyes, without you even touching them, or being stolen, or stop working after just a month, all of that in less than a year, you’d probably stop wearing them too. Who knows, maybe it’s a signal from the Universe that I’m timeless. KIDDING. Or maybe not… I’ll let you figure that one out.) ❌⌚

BONUS: Want to have a pretty WordPress website like this one and run a creative business?

These are my website design resources

Elementor Plugin

I use the Elementor plugin to design almost every page on my website. I love that I can copy and paste sections from one page to another (something that I couldn’t do when my website was on Squarespace). It saves me a lot of time.

Royal Elementor Addons

I used this plugin mostly to automatically create the blog archive, the prior and next post section in every blog post, and to style my contact forms.

This is my minimal business tech setup


This is the hosting service that I use for my WordPress website. The hosting plan allows me to host more than one website (something that I couldn’t do when my website was on Squarespace).


This is the platform that I use to manage my domain name.

Namecheap also offers affordable domains, SSL certificates, and shared, VPS, dedicated, and managed website hosting for WordPress. You can also transfer your domain name, like I did in 2023.


This is the email service provider that I use to send pretty emails to my email list. I’ve been managing my email list on Flodesk since I launched my online business in 2020.

You can use my affiliate link or my promo code SOULFULGIRLS for 50% off during your first year.


This is the platform that I use to sell my digital products in my shop, and to manage my affiliate program for entrepreneurs and bloggers (you can join my affiliate program here).

You can start selling with Payhip’s free plan, or you can use my Payhip coupon code SOULFULGIRLS10 to get 10% off on all paid plans.

I hope you find what you need to start or grow your blog here! I’ll keep updating this blog post with new resources from time to time, so feel free to bookmark it or pin it, whichever you prefer.

With all my love,


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