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Use the 7 premade designs in this free Canva Pinterest pin template to help you:

  • Create brand recognition by customizing the free Pinterest template to your personal branding.
  • Think only about creating good content to share with your audience, without having to worry about the design part (I’ve done the design work for you).
  • Create a great impression when someone finds your content for the first time, because good design influences what we think about a brand. When you go to a supermarket, and you have to choose between a product that has all the information, and the packaging is well done, and another product that looks like the label was designed as a last minute thing, which one do you buy?
Collage of Giselle taking a photo of herself in front of a mirror, with an image background of a view of a small town from a mountain.

Hi, beautiful! I’m Giselle

I provide female entrepreneurs, like you, beautiful and soulful images and Canva templates that they can use in their personal brands.

I created this freebie to give you a taste of the templates that I design with you in mind, and because I’ve seen many templates that look boring AF around the web.

I believe that you don’t have to sacrifice your personality to succeed online; on the contrary, the more truthful to yourself that you are, the more the right people (aka your future fans) will love what you do.

I also have many hobbies (hand lettering, biking, reading urban fantasy fiction, drawing, journaling, and landscape photography, to name a few, LOL).

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