7 Prop Ideas For Your Brand Photo Shoot (Part 4) - The Kitchen Edition

If you’re planning to take your own brand photos and you’re looking for inspiration about what brand photography props to include, then I have a couple of ideas for you.

In this blog post, we’ll focus on kitchen photography prop ideas for your brand photo shoot.

The purpose of this blog post is to help you find photography props that you have at home right now. So grab your cup of coffee and let’s dive in. ☕ Ready?

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Kitchen Photography Prop Ideas For Your Branding Photo Shoot

Cute mugs & mugs with quotes

Cute mug with the message "In the sky, dream", a pile of design books, and an open notebook in the background. There are also printed brand patterns and colored pencils.

Do you collect cute mugs or mugs with inspiring words in your kitchen cabinets? Me too!

They are perfect as photography props. You can also utilize vintage tea cups and they’ll look absolutely beautiful in your brand photos.

But please always fill them with a beverage; empty cups look just plain weird in photos.

Trinket dishes

Trinket dish with a cute reindeer drawing and the message "I love you deerly". There are also tags with drawings, glass beads, books, and a rubber stamp with a heart. The background consists of a light sky blue painted wood.

What I love about trinket dishes is that they’re small, so you can pile a couple of them in a small corner of your kitchen cabinet.

They are photography props easy to store. This is good, because we’re always looking for places to store our props.

In my experience, I find that by using things that I already have and love for my home and my hobbies, searching for a place to keep them is waaay easier.

Beautiful tea plates

Croissant over an antique tea plate in blue and gold. There are also seashells, books, a trinket dish, and golden arrows. The background consists of a vibrant blue fabric.

You can also use delicate tea plates in your brand photos, to give them a beautiful touch.

I have a couple of them that I bought in antique stores, and other ones that I received as gifts from my friends. I make sure to incorporate them from time to time in my photos.

Please be careful when you utilize them, though. Try not to place anything heavy in your photography setup that could fall over them and damage them.

Pretty kitchen utensils

Teaspoon with the word "dream", over an old book. There are also printed brand patterns, emerald velvet ribbon, and a rubber stamp with a heart drawing.

Another idea for photography props are delicate kitchen utensils that you may have in your kitchen. For example, little teaspoons.

Sometimes I use this teaspoon that says “dream” and sometimes I choose another one that says “hope”.

I also include some hand painted ceramic teaspoons that I bought in artisan fairs (I love handmade things, can you tell?)

Colored & hand painted bowls

Turquoise bowl with a reindeer and trees pattern, filled with blueberries. There are also cute notebooks, tags, brush pens, rose petals, and a rubber stamp with a camera drawing. The background is a granite countertop.

Colored and hand painted bowls are another option for props that you can incorporate in your next brand photo shoot.

You could place a couple of strawberries, blueberries (or any other fruit that won’t turn brown after being cut) or cookies in them.

Drinks & Food

Beige coffee cup with the message "Wild world", a croissant in an antique tea plate, and a hand painted teaspoon with flowers. There is also a home decor magazine, tags, and a light sky blue wooden background.

If you want to include some food and drinks in your brand photos, you have a lot of available options here: you can use some fruits, like blueberries or strawberries; or delicate pastries; or orange juice; or whatever you want.

But please remember to keep it simple.

Unless you’re a chef or have a business related to food or drinks, don’t over complicate yourself.

I don’t like cooking at all, so incorporating too much food in my brand photos doesn’t make much sense to me. That’s why I only include food from time to time (but you’ll always see lots of coffee cups because I love coffee and I drink it every day).

Remember this: Use the photography props that make sense to you.

For example, I don’t wear high heels unless I have a wedding to attend (and if it’s in the countryside, I wear sparkly Cinderella flats. Yep, for real). Sooo do you ever see me wearing high heels in my brand photos? Heck no, because that’s not part of who I am.

When choosing your outfit for your brand photos and the photography props that you’re going to use too, make it simple for yourself and incorporate what represents you.

You’ll always see me using cute props or props with inspiring words, or anything stationery or art supply related, because that is part of who I am.

Drink coasters

Little bottle filled with orange juice, with a "Drink me, Alice" message, a rabbit drawing, over a pile of home decor magazines. There are also books in the background and a window with morning light.

You can also include drink coasters in your brand photos, when you’re also taking photos of some drinks, like the orange juice in the photo above.

(Side note: Isn’t the “Drink me, Alice” cute? I think I never bought anything so fast. It was love at first sight.)

Now search your kitchen cabinets and find your props! Which ones are you going to include in your next brand photos? 😍

With all my love,


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