Outfit Ideas For Your Personal Branding Photography

If you want to know what you should wear for a brand photo shoot, then read this post with outfit ideas for your personal branding photography.

More so if you don’t care about following the rules or about styling yourself in a similar way to what you see other people wearing in their brand photos.

But before we start with outfit tips for your branding photo shoot, let’s have a coffee chat. ☕

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My number one rule for choosing clothes for brand photos

Wanna know my number one rule for choosing clothes for branding photos (and life in general)?

If it doesn’t make you feel like a goddess and doesn’t fit your style, you shouldn’t freaking wear it. Like, EVER.

That’s why I don’t wear clothes with my brand colors all the time.

And the truth is that, when you see me wearing colors similar to the ones from my brand color palette, it’s because I love those clothes and I bought them because I liked them, not because I had to “wear” certain colors on my branding photos. I definitely couldn’t care less about that.

Let’s go to my most common example: high heels.

Have you seen all the brand pictures for women on Pinterest? There are many photos of women wearing high heels.

Do you ever see me wearing high heels?

Heck, no. High heels, go away. 🙅‍♀️ 👠

Just because you see someone else wearing something, it doesn’t mean that you should wear it.

As I always say,

You’re the boss in your own business. You decide how you’re going to run it.

And if we modify this a bit, we can say in this case:

You’re the boss of your own style. You decide what you’re going to wear.

I like a casual style. It’s my go-to style. Or a delicate blouse paired with jeans. Ripped jeans, anyone? I freaking love them. And I don’t always wear makeup.

(You’re talking with a woman who considers that wearing eyeliner and mascara is all the makeup that she needs, LOL. I only wear more makeup for events, or for taking some website photos, but not always.)

So if I wear informal clothes, does it mean that I look unprofessional? Not at all. In any case, I look like myself, and not someone else’s version of how I should look as a business owner.

Your personal brand is an extension of you, and your brand photos are a visual representation of that. So don’t style yourself in your photo shoots in a way that you would never, ever do in your life.

You are your personal brand. So when taking your brand photos, stay true to that, stay true to yourself.


So, uh, hello. It turns out that I relaunched my website. Twice, now.

Long story short, the first time it was because my laptop crashed and I had to change the operating system on my laptop. As a result, I had to start using other software (Inkscape and Canva) to create my graphics, because Affinity Designer doesn’t work on Linux.

I had to create everything from scratch, so why not relaunch and change from Squarespace 7 to 7.1 too, right?


Then in 2023 I decided that it was time to create space for my second website as a fiction writer, so I migrated my website to WordPress, with a hosting plan from SiteGround that allowed me to host more than one website (if you’re interested, I have a tutorial to help you create a hosting account on SiteGround).

But there’s one thing that stays consistent across all these changes: my branding photos. And you know why?

Because I wear whatever I want when I take them.  Or when my boyfriend takes photos of me. Or the camera, the tripod, and the remote control take photos of me. WHATEVER. You get the gist.

Imagine if I had worn clothes only with my brand colors from my prior color palette.

Food for thought, babe.

End of update.

Outfit Tips For Your Branding Photos


Your hands are going to show a lot in your brand photos, so paint your nails in whatever color makes you feel amazing. And nope, painting your nails with your brand color is not a requirement.

If you would never, eveeer paint your nails with your brand colors in everyday life, then don’t do that for your photo shoot only, because it will make you feel self conscious. Consider that before running to a beauty shop to buy nail polish with your brand colors.

Giselle is wearing blue and silver nail polish, a lapis lazuli ring, and a black blouse. She’s taking a photo of herself in front of a mirror, while touching her printed postcards with her right hand.


The most important thing here is to keep it simple.

If you’re going to change your outfit a couple of times during your photo shoot, keep in mind that you probably won’t be able to change your hairstyle, so you’ll have many photos with your hair looking the same way, even if you’re dressed differently.

If your hair is more or less straight, maybe a flat iron only or a flat iron and salon blowout could be a good solution.

If your hair is curly or has waves, maybe you could air-dry your hair. Try not to use any products that make your hair look oily in your photos.

Giselle styled her hair with a flat iron. She’s sitting in front of her laptop while drinking coffee, and looking at the view of the city in the background.
Giselle didn’t style her hair for this photo. She’s letting the wind play with her long hair at the beach, while looking at the dunes in the distance. She’s wearing a dark blue sweater.


Ahhh, makeup. To use or not to use, that is the question.

As strange as this advice may sound to you, this is my recommendation:

Do your own experiment before the day of the photo shoot. Take some photos with makeup, some with less makeup, and some without makeup.

Whatever makes you feel better and like a goddess, follow that path. Follow that energy.

That’s how I discovered that I liked wearing makeup in my brand photo shoots. Does it mean that I always wear makeup in my photos? Nooo. Some of my favorite brand photos are from the beach, after being in the sea (being, not swimming). 😅

I don’t know, they just feel real. And they represent something that I want more in my life (read: traveling, being on the beach, enjoying the sun, relaxing).

They also represent something my ideal audience and clients can relate to (AKA more free time, more vacations, more freedom as creative entrepreneurs).

Giselle is wearing makeup. She’s sitting on a white bed. She’s wearing an embroidered white blouse and gray jeans.
Giselle is wearing minimal makeup, without lipstick or eyeshadow. She’s posing beside a small stream, with a lot of greenery. She’s wearing a blue satin jacket, a pink and black top, and jeans.


Stay true to yourself when wearing accessories.

Do you ever wear earrings? Necklaces? Rings? Bracelets? Scarfs? Think about what you usually love wearing and don’t wear anything that you would never wear (because you don’t really like it) just for the sake of taking brand photos.

Unless you create accessories in your business, you don’t want your audience to focus on them, so keep it simple.

In my opinion, clothes & accessories should create some kind of balance.

If your clothes have a simple design and don’t have many colors or different textures, spice them up with accessories. But if your clothes are too busy, then keep your accessories to a minimum.

Shoes Or Barefoot

If you want more relaxed, intimate photos, you may take them in your bare feet at home, or wherever you want to. But please always make sure that there are no surfaces or objects around you that may hurt your feet before doing so.

I take many brand photos when I’m traveling, so in those cases, what kind of shoes I’m wearing depends on the weather (obviously) and where I’m going.

For example, if it’s summer or spring and I’ll be at the beach, or near the beach, I take leather or fabric trainers with me. So for those photos where I’ll be walking in a town’s esplanade, I’ll wear my trainers.

But when I get down to the beach, I’ll take those photos barefooted. If it’s autumn or winter, I’ll take leather shoes and boots with me to the beach.

If my vacation will be in the mountains, no matter what season of the year it is, I take boots and leather trainers with me.

Whenever I’m going trekking, I’ll wear my boots, even in summer. I only wear leather trainers when I’m walking around town. And that’s what you’ll see in my brand photos. (Yes, there was a time in my life when I would go trekking in fabric shoes, but I’ve learned my lesson.) 🤣

Giselle is wearing an embroidered white blouse and gray jeans, barefooted. She’s sitting on a white bed, taking a photo of herself in front of a mirror.


If you know that a certain outfit is going to make you freaking uncomfortable, don’t wear it. Will you regret every moment of wearing that because that’s not who you are? Will you cringe every time you see yourself wearing that outfit in your photos?

Then don’t freaking wear it.

Because most probably, if you don’t like your photos, you’ll avoid using them.

The best thing you can do here is to find clothes that you really, totally and completely love (because they make you feel like a goddess every time you wear them) and that also make your figure look better.

Why is it important to know your body type? Because the type of clothes that will make your figure look better depends on your body type. For example, I have a triangle body shape and a short waist.

I used to wear low rise jeans many years ago, but I always felt uncomfortable and overweight in the area below my waist. Turns out, high waisted or mid rise jeans look better on my body, so that’s what I wear now.

So your first homework for today is to find your body type. I’m not an expert at this topic, so watch this video from Erin from Busbee Style (it will take you 10 minutes). She explains it easily.

And your second homework is to make a list of three different outfits for your photo shoot with clothes that:

  1. You already have.
  2. They make you feel beautiful. You feel like a goddess when you wear them.
  3. They look good in your body type.

And next time you feel like you have to “buy clothes for your photo shoot”, remember this:

You’re buying clothes for yourself, not for your photo shoot.

So don’t buy anything just for your photos. The benefit of this is that you can get new clothes for yourself that make you feel like a goddess and also wear them in your brand photo shoot. Ahhh, the perfect excuse to buy new clothes. You’re welcome.  😍

I hope you found this inspiring!

What are you going to wear in your next brand photo shoot?

With all my love,


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