10 Prop Ideas For Your Brand Photo Shoot (Part 3) - The Home Decor Edition

There was a time in my life when I used to think that I didn’t have many pretty photography props to take my brand photos and that I needed to buy more props ASAP, when in reality, I was surrounded by many of them.

Enter: the home decor objects that we have at home.

We chose them for a reason. Together, they create a certain vibe at home. And in a way, that vibe represents us. So why not include them in our personal branding photos?

That’s why in this blog post, we’ll focus on home decor photography props for your next brand photo shoot that you may have at home right now. So grab your cup of coffee (I have mine here ☕) and let’s dive in. Ready?

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Home decor photography prop ideas for your branding photo shoot

Little bells

Little bell with a windmill drawing in white and blue. Watch with a silver chain over a blue and white trinket dish. There are also brush pens and custom postcards in the background.

You can utilize a little ceramic bell or metallic bell in your brand photos. In this case, the one that I have has one color from my brand color palette (blue is also one of my favorite colors ever).

Twinkle lights

Rubber stamp with a camera drawing over a granite kitchen countertop. There are twinkle lights in the background, cute notebooks, rose petals, and brush pens.

Twinkle lights add a warm touch to your photos. One important thing to remember is that human eyes are attracted to light. That’s why we love looking at bright images more than dark images.

Wall decor

Giselle is reading her own photo book. The background is a peach colored wall with wall decor.

You can take a couple of brand photos at home or in the hotel’s room where you’re staying while you’re on vacation (like I do all the time) with the wall decor in the background.

In this case, I took this photo in the living room by placing my camera in a tripod and activating it with a remote control.


Watch with silver chain over a wood floor. There’s a handwritten card with the message “It’s time, babe”, a vintage coffee cup, washi tapes, rubber stamps, a cute notebook, and watercolor painted squares.

Clocks and watches are actually pretty useful props. You can take a couple of photos with them with the purpose of using them when time is running out to purchase your digital products, handmade products, or services. You can also utilize them when you need some images to talk about productivity for entrepreneurs.

Cinema light box

A cinema light box with the message “Your time is now”, over a background created with custom postcards.] There is also a vintage golden clock, a watch with a silver chain, and colored pencils.

This is actually a fun prop that I totally love. Depending on the message that you need to share with your audience, you can think of different short phrases to display in the cinema light box.

In this case, I had to take a couple of images related to time running out to get a limited time offer, so I also included a vintage clock and a pocket clock in the scene.

Beautiful boxes

Closed cute boxes containing books and magazines between them. There is also a cute map, custom printed photos, rubber stamps, a golden compass, and an open clutch with beauty products.

You can utilize beautiful boxes of different sizes, though little boxes are pretty versatile.

In this photo, I created a series of photos related to traveling, so I included two boxes with a world map drawing that I have at home, where I keep many books inside (I don’t have more space in the bookshelves). 😉

Vintage home decor objects

Vintage trinket dish with glass beads and a light sky blue heart in the middle. There are also twinkle lights, books, rose petals, tags, a coffee cup, and a bowl with blueberries over a granite countertop.

Maybe you have vintage trinket dishes in your bookshelves (like the one you see in the picture above), or old plates hanging in your living room walls, or other vintage home decor objects.

Any of them may come in handy when you have to take photos for your brand.


White candle over a vintage wooden table, in the afternoon light.

See those aromatic candles that you always keep in your home to create a relaxing vibe? That’s another prop that you can include in your brand photos.

Now, for security reasons, I don’t light the candles when taking photos.

If you want to create the impression that they’re shining without having to light them, you can place them under the light rays, like I did in this image, and play with light and shadows in your image, which is, in my opinion, a whole vibe. (I totally love playing with light and shadows.)

Design & Old Books

Books and home decor magazines over a wooden table, beside a window. There is a bottle of orange juice with the message “Drink me, Alice”, and a black and silver globe.

Well, in reality, you can use any books here, but those books that you have at home because they have binding details that make them stand out (I’m a fan of those) are perfect for your brand photos.

For the record: I’m all in for buying design books with special details. As I said, I’m a fan.

Fashion & Decor Magazines

Home decor magazines with a bowl of blueberries, over a wood floor. There are also books, a cute notebook, twinkle lights, washi tape, and brush pens.

All those magazines that you collect to find ideas to decorate your dream home and to refine your personal style are good props too.

Although I have lots of bigger home decor magazines, I prefer the little ones with a 22 x 17 cm size because they’re easier to manipulate in the photography scene aaand they also don’t have any ads, which is a bonus.

Now it’s time to take a look around your home and find your photography props! Which ones are you going to use in your next brand photo shoot?  😍

With all my love,

With all my love,


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