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Canva Template Description

Multi-purpose Canva course workbook template, ideal for bloggers, content creators, entrepreneurs, and coaches.

It includes 94 workbook template pages, available in US letter and A4 size.

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You Can Use This Canva Template To Create:

  • online course workbooks;
  • membership workbooks;
  • coaching program workbooks;
  • mastermind workbooks;
  • workshop and webinar workbooks;
  • opt-in freebies;
  • challenges;
  • cheat sheets;
  • roadmaps;
  • and checklists.

βœ… This Course Workbook Template For Canva Includes:

  • 4 cover pages.
  • 4 table of content pages.
  • 1 copyright page and 1 how to use this workbook page.
  • 4 welcome + bio pages and 2 our team pages.
  • 4 module cover pages and 2 module objective pages.
  • 7 content pages (intro and general pages).
  • 2 cheat sheet pages (do’s & don’ts and tips).
  • 4 quote pages.
  • 2 moodboard pages and 4 image pages.
  • 5 roadmap pages.
  • 3 Q&A pages and 4 checklist pages.
  • 6 planner pages (daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly).
  • 3 journal prompt pages.
  • 5 about this challenge pages and 5 challenge worksheets.
  • 4 about this diagram pages and 4 diagram worksheets.
  • 2 testimonial pages.
  • 2 free resources pages and 2 tools & resources list pages.
  • 2 related products pages.
  • 3 call to action pages.
  • 1 your notes page.
  • 2 thank you pages.

❌ Not Included In This Workbook Template:

  • Photos are for presentation purposes only, and they are not included in the workbook template.
  • No pre-written text is included, only some sample titles and subtitles, and placeholder text.

Fun Fact

About all the representations of people in the photos… Hi! πŸ‘‹ That’s me. I’m Giselle. 😊

Also, the copyright of all the photos in the product mockups belongs to me.

What You Will Get

  • 1 PDF file with two links to copy the course workbook template in US letter and A4 page size to your own Canva account.
  • A mini Canva tutorial to help you modify this template (included in the PDF file with the template link).

Fully Customizable With A Free Or Pro Canva Account

You can change:

  • Text.
  • Photos.
  • Fonts.
  • Colors.
  • Add or delete elements.


βœ… This template is designed to be modified with a free or Pro account on Canva online, but not in the Canva app.

❌ This template is NOT designed to be modified on any product from Adobe, Affinity, or any other software.

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