10 Prop Ideas For Your Brand Photo Shoot (Part 2) - The Art Supply Edition

We all have a couple of art supplies at home that may be pretty useful when we’re wondering what kind of photography props we can incorporate into our brand photo shoot.

In this post, we’ll focus on art supply photo props that you may have from some of your hobbies or from your online business. So grab your cup of coffee (I have mine right here ☕) and let’s start. Ready?

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Art supply photography prop ideas for your branding photos

Paint brushes

Close up of a paint brush over watercolor painted squares in pastel pink, ochre, green, and light sky blue colors. The rest of the image is blurred, with a watercolor palette, colored pencils, and blue pastels.

You can include paint brushes in combination with watercolor paint, acrylic paint, blank drawing paper, or some of your drawings. You can obviously add some other props, but those are some ideas to get you started.

Pastels & oil pastels

Close up of a hand painted tag with the message “You’re gold, babe”. There are pastels in gold, pastel yellow, green, and blue. There is also a sea drawing, and hand painted watercolor squares in ochre and blue colors.

Utilizing pastels could be a fun way to add color to your brand photos.

I usually select a couple of soft pastels and oil pastels to help create a certain color palette in the series of brand photos that I’m taking. I do the same when I’m using colored pencils or brush lettering pens.

Brush lettering pens

Close up of a notebook with the message “You’re someone’s dream come true”. There are brush pens in gold, blue, and purple, which were used to write the message, and also photography postcards and printed brand patterns.

Brush lettering pens are one of my favorite props ever.

One of the things that I use a lot in my brand photos is writing inspiring phrases, like in the image above, or sometimes words related to my freebies and offerings, like I did in the image below.

Don’t be afraid to include your handwriting in your brand images. It adds a detail to your personal brand that is completely unique to you.

Fineliner pens

Close up of Giselle writing on a cute journal the words “Props” and “Backgrounds” with a fineliner pen. She’s wearing a blue and white flowered blouse and jeans. She’s sitting on a bed, in the afternoon light.

I utilize fineliner pens many times in my photos. When I want to take a brand photo with my handwriting, I use one (that, or a brush lettering pen. Both are my favorites).

Whenever I travel, I usually take a fineliner and 3 or 4 brush pens or metallic markers with me. They weigh almost nothing and they’re really useful to write a couple of inspiring words in a cute notebook.

Then I take a couple of brand photos with those props with whatever background I find in the room’s hotel where I’m staying.

Glass beads

Close up of Onix-colored glass beads around a light sky blue heart, in an antique trinket dish over a pile of little notebooks. There are also rose petals and a tag with the word “Wake up”. The background consists of a granite countertop.

You can incorporate glass beads in your brand photos too.

I usually place them in a trinket dish or a little bowl, because they’re a little tricky to manage (the same happens with bijoux pearls, which are delicate props too).


Close up of old books tied with emerald velvet ribbon over a light sky blue painted wood. The background consists of a peach colored wall.

If you want to add a delicate detail in your brand photos, you can add ribbon, which also kind of gives a touchable feeling to your images.

Side note: When you’re taking photos, you want your audience to feel something: if you’re outdoors, you want them to feel the warmth of the sun in the skin, or the wind playing with hair, or the touch of different surfaces or objects, like the sand in your hands or a flower.

When you’re indoors, you don’t have the option of letting people feel the wind, but you can still play with the warmth of the sun or the touch of things.

You obviously have other options, but these are a couple of examples to have in mind.

Drawing paper

Close up of a castle drawing created with colored pencils, surrounded by a circle of leaves and stars. There are also colored pencils, printed brand patterns, enamel pins with a unicorn drawing and the word “magic”, and a notebook.

In this case, you can include one sheet of drawing paper, a couple of them, or also sketchbooks as props.

In the photo above, I utilized one sheet of paper with a castle drawing.

I created this drawing to take a series of brand images for my About page, because I’ve loved writing fantasy stories since I was a little girl (it used to be high fantasy only, until I discovered urban fantasy, and I fell totally in love with that narrative genre).

Wrapping paper

Flat lay of a light sky blue coffee cup, the corner of an open notebook in rose gold color, landscape postcards, printed brand patterns, and a cute notebook with bears. The background is a white wrapping paper with travel stamps in dark blue.

Depending on the size of the wrapping paper that you have, you can incorporate it as a prop, in a portion of the image, or as a background too, like in the image above.

I bought this wrapping paper with mail stamps in a stationery shop in Buenos Aires.

Pattern papers

Close up a printed brand pattern with pine trees and grass. There are also washi tapes, a stamp with the words “All you need is love”, postcards, an envelope with a musical pattern, and a notebook. The background consists of white vintage wood.

Another colorful prop that you can add in your images is a pattern paper, or a couple of them.

If you have your own patterns in your brand, you can print them in a thick illustration paper (I print them on 300 grams paper) and use them in your photos. In this way, you’ll have a prop that will make your images different from other brands.

In this image, I’m including a pine tree pattern that I designed with my doodles and my brand colors.


That belongs to the prior version of this website with the old branding.

Metallic markers

Close up a printed brand pattern with pine trees and grass. There are also washi tapes, a stamp with the words “All you need is love”, postcards, an envelope with a musical pattern, and a notebook. The background consists of white vintage wood.

A fun way to add your handwriting in your brand photos is by using metallic markers.

I usually utilize a gold metallic marker in my images because I have a tan color similar to gold in my brand color palette.

Now search for your art supply photo props at home! Which ones are you going to use on your next brand photos? 😍

With all my love,


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